Thursday, October 18, 2007

just a few more G's!

My GRR, my grandma! On every card and every gift she ever gave me she always signed it Love Grr. Grr comes from her teaching me to say Grandma as toddler. She would say "Say GGGRRRRRRRRandma, and of course only ever said the GRR part of the word. Now my Grr is lost in a sea of Alzheimer's but my Granddad has kept up the tradition, every year my birthday card is still signed love Grr! That make me so happy!

Gingham! Oh how did I not think of this one of my most favorite fabrics ever!!! Gingham aprons remind me of my Grr! She always for a "Green" one with Cross stitch. Very much like this on that I use as curtains in the studio windows.

Guacamole, for this one I knew just where to go, straight to my favorite food blog! Mud Pie Gourmet! I am sure you will see why it is my favorite. What lovely photo and nice stories to go along with her food and recipes, yummy recipes!

Glitter Glue! Oh we like our glitter glue around here. Yesterday I learned several things about glitter glue
  • I get more on my pants than on the project, this was not missed my Janet my wonderful neighbor that goes by Anonymous here on the comment sections or by my chiropractor!
  • It is great for teaching how to count by 3's
  • Elmer's 3D glitter glue rocks! Janet I think you bought this for Maddie for Christmas!

Ok now hold on it gets really bad right about here!

The Gremlin! Oh yeah, that was a cool ride! Not that I can say much cuz I had a Vega just one step away from a Gremlin! My vega was named Gertie, another g word!

Gluteous Maximus! Sorry I just had to go there!

On this note I will end the G's! Thanks to those that contributed to my fun! I like comments and collaboration, working at home can be lonely! Thanks for letting me know that there are people reading my beloved blog!

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