Monday, October 15, 2007

spooky flowers

So the other gorgeous fall day when we went for a walk we walked by our neighborhoods latest shop. It is a wonderful flower shop, Nicola Flora.

Well she has done some of the nicest window. But this one for Halloween is too fun. It is filled with Latin Prayer candles, skull merchandise and the coolest black flowers. I realized that they were simply cheap silk flowers that were painted black.

Nicole's black flowers were in the back of my mind for days! Then I went up to the attic and saw this old flower arrangement that I made years ago. I made it for the balcony off of our bedroom. I've always wanted it to we covered with flowers and all gorgeous! I tried for two years to accomplish this, but with a very young family to raise, full blazing sun and no water source close by the balcony garden was always a failure. I gave up and tried silk instead.

With one thousand other things I should be doing I grab the silly potted silk flowers and run to the shed. And yes! I have black spray paint, not a surprise really. What is a surprise it that I can reach it! That shed it a Clean House shows nightmare! Yes Neicy, I know foolishness! I love her and those rare days when I can enjoy a clean house marathon! That's a good day! Ok I digress!

Black spray paint in hand and the recycling bin at my disposal, I am a painting fool! In only a few minutes I too have black flowers! Fun Fun Fun!

So what I have in mind is to take this display and funk it up!

Stay tuned for the result!

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