Wednesday, October 24, 2007

look at this tree

I am all about fake Christmas trees! This makes my heart go pitter pat. I might have to go for the free issue just to get a better look at the pink tinsel beauty.


ronni said...

I have this tree! I. LOVE. this. tree!

Check my flickr to see the photos from a couple of years ago. I just made you a contact so you can find me that way.

Nicole Lee said...

I just got mine in the mail yesterday. Absolutely luv the tree!

Kelly McCants said...

Uno I am so jealous! But pink is not really my color! Now they sweet silver tinsel tree at Home Depot for 139.00 is all mine!!!!

Sorry Don but it is! I need it for photos for Modern June.... REALLY. I business expense. I like that!

Kelly McCants said...

Nicole, I need that magazine!