Tuesday, October 9, 2007

college day collage

Back in college I used to frequent this wonderful place called the Tea Haus. There you could buy loose tea, tea pots and upstairs vintage clothing. At the Tea Haus you did not by a cup of tea in a paper cup, no you received a pot of tea with a oh so kitsch tea cozy, they were of the crocheted type. There was a tea menu and a food menu on the tea menu you could select you tea by type of tea or buy ailment! My favorite was PMS tea or cramps tea. Lunch or dinner could be purchased for just a couple of dollars. It was great!

One of my best-friends worked there for ages and we used to take over a table for an entire day it seems! I am surprised at how much I miss that place! I went back to Warrensburg, Mo for a retirement party for my most favorite college Professor about 4 years ago now. There I met up with super groovy costume shop friend of mine that also hung out with me at the Tea Haus. We checked in to the hotel and then scampered giddily to the Tea Haus, all the while swearing that if it changed on bit we would die.

It has not changed one bit!

Not even the best part was the wall that was along the long steep stairs. It was the most wonderful collage of old 1960's magazine photos I have ever been privileged to see. I know that sounds absurd but to me it was as impressive as REAL art. I am a pop-art kind a girl, all kitsch!

Well yesterday I was glancing around the e-iverse and I checked out an Australian blog that I love to read. Meet Me at Mikes and what do I see, collage to rival my best memories!!!! You have to go and check out the door. Those are the inside covers of Golden Books! I am Giddy I tell you! But wait it gets even better. Check this out the walls for the changing room. Yep you guessed it the inside pages of all those wonderful books! I love it! I want to try on cloths!

This is the most groovy shop you have ever seen, via computer of course. I want a store just like it! How very Modern June! They even have stitch night, were everyone comes out and pile around a table to make cool stuff! Dreamy! There bundles of vintage fabric and buttons of every color to be had. I tell ya GA-GA, totally GA-GA over this place!

Good luck with the second store!


Courtney said...

Do you remember when Zeus Gallery Cafe had the bathroom walls plastered with the Weekly World News - it was histarical - I loved it!

Courtney said...

I mean hysterical. Brain malfunction.