Monday, August 13, 2007

party food!

I was just reading some of my favorite new type of blogs, food blogs! I am in love, these are really cool! I thought craft blogs were cool but man food blogs are really wonderful too. Food is the great equalizer, isn't it? Good food creates a new memory or conjures up old ones.

For some great looking recipes and lovely photos check out Jules food blog, Mud pie Gourmet. Desserts to die for! Yummy Tapas! And I tell you what I want to have a dinner party just to have a Make your own Kabob party!

So give me some more cool food blogs to check out! I would love to add more to my list!


1 comment:

Ross said...

Since we got tags on RVABlogs there is even a food category.

Check it out. There are some excellent foodies in RVA.