Friday, August 10, 2007

perfect little podcast

Ok all, its been a long time since I have posted about my obsession with podcasts. Well I have been looking around for some new ones outside of the craft circle and I found a "must listen to" Podcast, ShopTalk: with the Budget Fashionista.
What I like is the energy that this woman has! And I sure could use a little fashionista pumping up around here. I mean staying home with two kids while running a business from home. I don't always need to dress in fabulous shoes or look my best. But I try!

Kathryn Finney is a New York woman finding all the great bargains. I can not wait to do some shopping! On her podcast she features some of the fashion and entertaining heavy hitters. The podcasts a short and fun. Go listen you'll love it too.

And a book too? Cool, I am gonna look into that too!

Can you imagine the looks I would get wearingthese to a homeschool co-op or better yet the playground!
I would kill for a place to wear these!

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Jules said...

Those shoes are AMAZING! I am wanting a pair of yellow shoes. The only look I would give you if I saw you in those at a playground would be the look of envy. There is no reason you can't wear those as a mom!! A cute pair of jeans and a fun shirt? Go for it!