Saturday, January 20, 2007

Look what I found today!

I love shopping in my own attic.

So a year and a half ago I could not wait one minute longer for my dining room wall to be gone for good! So I consulted many a professional to see if it was a load bearing wall. I even tore up a floorboard in my closet and went into the crawl space to see which way the beams were going. ICK. So I packed up all my books that lived along that wall and went to tearing it out. I had a blast. I did it all myself! Well till I got bored and just wanted it done! By that time I had done all the framing for the new wall and sheetrocked everthing. The contractors were avaible to start on the back room, now our studio. I said finish it for me! That was good money spent! I like that I did the hard part!

Any way long story short... I have never gotten out the books. Today I went looking for a beading book. Someone gave me in 1991. And I found these great books I had forgotten all about. Shopping in the attic is great.
Who knew I was making the best cutting table I could have imagined! My 6 year old son took this photo. That is his pile of fleece that he picked for our new ModernLovie dolls. More on that later!


wendao2588 said...
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a_Jackalope_Vixen said...

When and how did you become interested in being a "serious" lol housewife? I can see by your blog that you have done do deligence in decorating and creating your lifestyle.

My daughter is 20, in college in Florida. She and her dormies are serious about becoming FABULOUS housewives someday, too.

Do you have any advice for them?

Jodie said...

I love your site and all your lovely fabrics...I wish I was at home and on my sewing machine!

Would love you to check out my blog...

Kelly McCants said...

Oh yeah,that is me, A serious housewife. Now if I could just learn to stop multi-tasking I made have had some breakfast!

Seriously I think that I got it together once I found I never was into routines until then. I really stuggle to keep up with my routines. But I know they make all the difference to our family life. I get very flaky when I am not on top of it. :)

Thanks you both made my day!