Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"It was an accident!"

I need a Nanny and a studio away from my house! GEEEEZZZ. I know I am working too hard this week but man, give us all a break son!

So Maddie comes to me and says Aidan has gotten water on her. Aidan from behind her says "no I didn't!" Yeah right, give the Mommy just a bit of credit. I have a brain, hell I have eyes. You should have seen the bath room. It is 6:30 obviously my husband has not read my blog this afternoon because he is not here nor has he called. Too subtle I guess. Normally I would have called it a day after the go-gurt incident but I have a show in less than 2 days and I have to work!

Calgon take me away from this madness! This is just too much. I need some help and I need it quick!

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