Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Modern Pantry

As you may know I am on a quest to become a foodie! I am also trying to fine tune my life and create some helpful routines. I also could stand to lose about 30 extra pounds. Not an easy list to concur but I am chipping away at it.

On Saturday I started to create a pantry list, weekly menu and shopping list. I had a feeling it could take all day. My tooth had me a bit doped up and I was WAY fuzzy. I was also really cranky so doing something away from my family was helpful. I hate when I take it all out on them. I am a mess.

I was looking at my copy of Rachael Ray 365 and I realized what I need was a pantry list. A list of items that I always have on hand. She doesn't have one so I grab The Healthy Kitchen. There is one there but not in the right format I need a bulleted list that I can copy that I carry to the Groc (what I call the grocery store). A list that I have on my fridge so when I run out of something I just circle it and buy on the next shopping trip.

I need a cheat sheet! First I found this list at Cookinglight.com that I think I will love. It has three panty list one for the beginner, the intermediate and the advance cook. I like that the say that the list is long and that you are not expected to go out and spend a fortune right away. Good point.

I then found this Mexican Panrty items list. Yum! Summer eating = Mexican Food!!! I wonder if I could find a Mediterranean food pantry list? Yep, it took some time but I found a nice little list for the Mediterranean Pantry

I totally forgot about Leanne Ely. I know her from my active Fly Lady days. I am sure that her list is great but it is not in the list format that I need so badly. Here is the fly lady shopping list. back in those beautiful and peaceful flylady days.

I have made copies of each of these for my kitchen clip board. I have also started a master list that I hope to finish over the weekend. Baby steps, right? What I have done is found my old shopping list and I am using it. Yeah balance will come!


Dawn Anderson said...

I had no idea you wanted to be a foodie! I can TOTALLY help with that! :)

Kelly McCants said...

Oh are you a foodie! Yeah, I need loads of help! What is you speciality?