Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aidan turns 7

Aidan is 7. I have no idea how this happened I am shocked to have my little ones be not so little any more! I am done letting them grow up. That it no more getting bigger around here. I know every mom says this but it is true it goes by way to fast. Last week I was changing diapers and nursing. The day after that I was teaching them to walk. The next day we were learning the alphabet. GEEZ.

Well in reality I had a "Super Mario Party 7" birthday party to plan. Ok what in the world was I thinking when I let my kids pick whatever party they wanted to have? This is getting harder. I had no idea what to do. It would help if I were playing game cube with them at night. But that is Modern June time and Don is charge of all video gaming!

So what do you do at a "Super Mario party 7" birthday party? Pass off almost all planning to the Hubbie and the kids.

This cracked me up! Watching the Naruto marathon and blowing up balloons. Actually those are Boo's and Bob-oms. We filled up the kiddy pool with them and the boys stomped on them. You know they loved that! This pool was at the end of a obstacle course that Maddie put together.

Pin the mustache on Mario! Don did Mario up on photo shop and then printed it out on to four sheet of paper and spray mounted it up on the poster board. He rocks!

And of course every party must have a pinata. This is a Disco ball pinata turned Bob-omb. Oh that Don is so clever! Here is a party tip... if you have a pinata you must have a "make it all better bag", this a bag of extra toys and treats. You give this to the little ones that don't get a lot of candy and are really upset about it. Until Don and I realized that this was an option we were never ever having another one of those upsetting things!

For cake we opted for cupcakes! Cupcake that were to resemble mushrooms. I hoped that these could be a bit more realistic but they are fun enough. Don came up with the idea to put white chocolate chips into the icing for the spots. I love that man! When I run out if ideas he is there to save the day!

We had great fun!


DonsSword said...

Thanks for the praise, but I don't really deserve it compared to all the work you do.

One more party note: besides the "make it better bag," be sure to never, ever play musical chairs... unless you really prefer to get most of the kids at your party crying. Musical chairs is the Chinese water torture of birthday parties -- the inane music starting and stopping, children shoving each other off of chairs and onto the floor, slowing making all but one child at the party a "loser." Yeah -- musical chairs is only a hair more fun that stabbing dull rusty spoons into your eyes. One of our friends still insists on musical chairs at their birthday parties -- Aidan chooses to no longer attend that party -- combine that with the time the older boy hit Aidan on the clavicle with a 2 inch diameter stick (it was more like a club).

Kelly McCants said...

That my man telling it like it is! Don you are too much! love ya!