Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a bit of my garden

Wow! What a difference some hard work and sunshine can do for a girl. I am in such a better mood for being out digging in the dirt! I need that, Don always remembers that, but I always forget! I realized today that there are parts of my yard that I have not stepped upon for 4 months. My yard is not big. I totally understand why that is but I also know that is not healthy for me. I need dirt under my finger nails for optimal personal balance. LOL.

This photo came to me via my Martha Stewart newsletter. This is what I need. But after the 104 degree days and once the mosquitos are dead and gone. There is something magical that happens in the first week or two of September. Here in Virginia there is a break in the weather. A time when we all run outside again. We eat al fresco. We spend the entire day in the yard. We do school outside. And even the little boy that yelled at me today saying that he is not an "outside boy", even he ventures out of doors. Even if not for long.

I will be waiting for all of that and more!

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