Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Entrepreneur ~ who me?

Hey peeps! Guess what I am in this weeks Style Weekly. Well actually in the Home Style. Last week I received an email from an intern over at Style that said she wanted to do a last minute interview about Modern June. Of course I said yes and she was over at my house in less than three hours.

The article is so very nice. I had no idea that it would be more that a blurb. The name of the article is Housewife Chic. Too cute! The bi-line reads "Kelly McCants takes a staple of the '50's - the kitchen apron- and gives a modern twist." Wow that sounds like the beginning of a business plan!

If you are reading Sarah Mogin and Style Weekly thank you so very much for such a lovely write up. I am so very excited!


rockergirrl said...

wow that is great. congrats!

Natalie said...

Congrats, that's so awesome! And the apron in this picture is SO cute. I love ric rac...I would have it on everything if I could. Anyway, I was writign to tell you that my friend Jessica is getting tattooed on tonight's episode of LA Ink and in the "after" pictures she might be wearing the apron you sent me. She wore a few so I don't know which picture will make the cut, but it woudl be cool if it was yours!