Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Show Pics!

Hi all, between migraine headaches, wholesale orders and making homeschool schedules I have not been able to chat much these last few days.

Here are a few photos that my friend Dawn took at the expansion trunk show. Which was oh so nice! The show was at the most wonderful studio that is located in a groovy warehouse district. I want a warehouse studio! But I want mine to have central air. With record highs outside the place was boiling hot.


OH I just can not tell you how wonderful the felt products were! If I did not have children I would so have her pillows on my sofa right now! I can see that Courtney loved them too!

Handbags and jewelry and much much more!

I thought it was great that Modern June was located next to the kitchen! It gets you in the right mood!

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diana said...

the space looks great but everyone does seem to have that too hot glaze on them. it would be nice to have a huge space all to myself for crafting and whatever else i could think of.