Thursday, August 9, 2007

LA Ink

You'll never believe it! One of my aprons was on TV the other night. It was on the brand new show LA Ink. Which buy the way makes me want tattoos in a big way.

Its all thanks to Natalie from Bake and Destroy, the cool chick that makes cupcakes and cool t shirts. She and I made a trade a while back, cupcake aprons for t-shirts.

So, on the show Natalie's friend got the best tattoo I have ever seen. A pin-up girl wearing only an apron and holding up a tray of cupcake. Okay, that is cool. For the show they took after shoots of the tattoo. That is wear the aprons come in. They showed Natalie's friend showing off her tattoo wearing aprons. One was mine! How cool is that?

Check out the show for free on your computer here.
I could not make it work but maybe you can!


rockergirrl said...

so cool

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I was watching LA INK too and saw your apron! I loved that lady's tatoo too and was thinking Miama Ink never made me want a tatoo...but LA ink sure did! I guess the girl energy is different!

Sara Krivanec