Monday, August 6, 2007

Hi all, sorry for not posting this morning, I was whisked into parenthood early! To early! And the tooth had me up too late! I am the lucky winner of one root canal on Wednesday morning. I know you all wish you were me! LOL

Check out this post that I wrote for the Richmond Craft Mafia blog Off the Record. If you are selling your crafty goods and using Pay Pal you might want to check it out. The title of the post is Shipping from home using Pay Pal. After you read it let me know what you think. Was is clear? Was it helpful? I am not a prolific writer my any means and I like feedback. If you are a fellow crafter do you ship from home? What are method are you using? Is is working for you?

But if you're interested in taking better photos for you your site or for craft shows you must see Tasha's post on taking great photos. I can not tell you how great this information is for me! So go check it out Tips for Craft Show Applications Images. But don't forget to check out her site, Pottery by Tasha.

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