Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dear husband!

Dear husband, Because of the many distractions and the countless interruptions that have occurred numerous times. I request your take the LOVELY children out to dinner tonight! And take the long way home!



P.S. Here is just one on the things that went wrong today! Yep that is Go-gurt that was sprayed clear across the room.

P.S.S. Yes in case you are wondering the kids are still in one piece! In fact they learned how to clean up such a mess.


Christi said...

Oh, yeah, that IS a lot of blue goo! I hope everything got patched up okay, and that you finally got some work done. **smooch**

Kelly McCants said...

I wasn't joking was I?

I called Christi to keep from blowing up even more that I had! You know some days you can really laugh about stuff like blue goo but yesterday I just couldn't

Thanks Christi for helping me to be the mommy that I want to be! love ya!

lynn said...

That Gogurt sure is a pretty color!