Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blog Polls

Who knew? Check it out. Blogger has blog polls that you can add to your's how.
So tell me has anyone done one have a blog poll on their site yet? I want to vote!

Here is a question for you all, which Christmas fabric is you favorite? Leave me a comment to tell me which one is your favorite.



Merry Christmas Santa


pjpink said...

I really like the ornanment material.

diana said...

I totally love the peppermint fabric. Not just for Christmas but because my grand father loved these mints and always had them!! I mean always in his car and pocket not to mention everywhere in his house. We even buried him with a bag of them.
The smell and look remind me of him and hanging out with him.

Kelly McCants said...

I like that one too! I could not get that last year so I started my ordering earlier this year. I am going to buy a bolt of the favorite Is. (and/or what the stores that carry Modern June order)

Thanks for your vote!

Kelly McCants said...

Hi Diana, I totally know what you mean about the candy for me it was my great grandparents that always had a dish of butterscotch candies. YUM!

I was lucky to snag this bolt of fabric after Christmas at Hancocks. They had never put it out, it had be hidden in the back room.

I love it! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Ryan said...

my favorite is the ornaments