Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Material girl!

OK you know life is crazy when it takes you 4 days to open a package like this! Look at how yummy these fabrics are. I mean all tied up with a bow no less! Material girls know that a good piece of fabric is the best thing in the world! At a show I heard a woman call herself a fabric slut, another friend calls herself a fabric whore. That cracks me up. I say the one dies with the most fabric wins!

This lovely load of fabric came from a great online fabric and gift shop called Lavender and Peonies. My crafty girlfriend Nicole of Nicole Lee Designs turned me on to this site. Check out the fabric clearance page. It is a good thing! Look at what great skirts she has I love this ONE!

I had not idea what a great shop this is! I just ordered my fabric and was done. Oh la la! Cookbooks! Kitsch tableware! Cath Kidson stationary!

This is a Modern June dream store!

Every girl needs a good old fashion habit, something to go and buy that just makes her happy. What is your habit? Tell me are you a fabric junky, are you yearning for yarn, or gaga for gorgeous papers?

We have never had such great crafty goodness, have we?


diana said...

OMG!!! I popped over to the fabric site and started looking around, I am in LOVE!!!! I had to get up out of my chair and have a private fabric moment before I continue to look!! So much crafty goodness!! I will have to take it in stages and polish the credit card too!!
Thank you for that link!!

Kelly McCants said...

Diana, You made me fall off my chair laughing! you know it that is some darn fine fabric! Did you check the clearance?

diana said...

Yes!!! I did and am getting ready to place an order!! will post all the goodies I pick out!!!