Monday, July 30, 2007

How does she do it?

I am obsessed with doing it all. Getting it all done and getting it all do well! In my latest quest I have devised a new daily to do list. A list of which I concocted while on the treadmill.

I am mom, teacher, wife, housewife, (yes there is a big difference between wife and housewife) business owner, and most of all Kelly. taught me years ago that one really needs routine. I need a basic weekly routine i.e. where to be and what to do on each day of the week. And a I need a daily routine for each of those 7 crazy, fun-filled days.

So here is what I did this morning. I wrote down all the things that I need to do before 9 a.m.

  • Walk 30 minutes
  • update to list 15 minutes
  • email 30 minutes
  • Blog 30 minutes
  • Shower and dress 15 minutes
  • unload dishwasher-load washer-and make breakfast 15 minutes (with child labor)
  • Eat and clean up 15 minutes.
So I added all that up it equaled 2 1/2 hours which means I need to get up at 6:30. That is not too bad. Like I said yesterday I really need to be up and have my time ALONE!

Ok, so I homeschool the two children that live in my house. Oh yeah my children! I really need to add in time to actually teach them some stuff I know it is still summer but I know how hard it is to change a rhythm, a routine so I have decided that "school time" is the time of day that I get Modern June running better. The time that I set aside to get a business plan, set up taking credit cards, setting up I am reading a great book called Six-Week Start-Up: A Step-by-Step Program for Starting Your Business, Making Money, and Achieving Your Goals! Modern June is just over a year old but she never had a proper start in regards to the business side of things. I sure have sold some stuff but I am determined to do this right!

In 5-6 weeks when "our" school starts I will then switch from business school to homeschool. For now the plan looks like this...

  • Mail Packages 15 minutes
  • Six-week start-up 30 minutes
  • Weekly expenses workbook 15 minutes
  • Finding Professionals (lawyers, accountants, insurance) 30 minutes
  • Listings for esty 30minutes
  • ( for now it is reading my stack Seth Gordin books) 30 minutes
  • Recess 30 minutes
This last one , recess, sucks! Not that I have to have to do it that I have to schedule it. A week ago my son Aidan (6) was chatting with his sister Maddie (9). He reminder her about how Mommy used to sit down and play with them before Modern June. She told him that lots of good things happen because of MJ. I am glad that she sees the good in it but man that was hard to hear! So I will be doing legos this morning for 30 minute come hell or high water.

Well what about the rest of the daily routine? Well my time is up so that will be for tomorrows treadmill and blog time! Take care I am off to get my life in order!!! Wish me luck I will need it!

So how is it going?

well.... baby steps right? I did not get this crazy in a week and I won't get sane in less than one either!

So let me recap the week.

Monday---I wrote this original post on Monday and I did not follow my new morning routine in any way shape or form. Here is when the weekly schedule trumps your daily schedule. Monday morning is park day. So I did not get one single thing on my "business school list " done. No big right. I mean I only made this up that day. So no guilt that day. At least not about the morning routine.

At dinner time, ok well past dinner time when I was getting dinner on the table finally the kids and I had a serious melt down. They had watched way to much TV and got surly for more. I can't blame them it has become their caregiver. How wants to sit down and eat a meal with someone that spends her entire life in the studio. How is going to give that woman any respect when she is running around life doing for others. I had a fit and once I calmed down I was able to set a TV limit. (More on the beauty of that later!)

Modern June is growing by leaps and bounds! That is a good thing, it really is. But I have to create a healthy balance or it just isn't worth it, is it? So after my fit I gave my self a nice long time out! Meaning I took to my bed. LOL! Don got home and I went up to watch grown up TV. I turned it off 3 times to get some sleep but my brain kept thinking about what a bad a Mom I am. I refused to think. I finally did get to sleep and when I did I was greeted by Aidan giving me kisses and tucking me in with one of his favorite stuffed animals. How bad of a Momma can I be if that is the love I get?

Tuesday---I slept late, which I hardly ever do. Come to think of it, no, I did wake up at 5:00 and laid there problem solving for a good amount of time. After last nights mini war I new I need to make some changes. I have decided that until I can have employees I will not seek any new wholesale clients.

Modern June is full to busting with just me but how can I afford to hire anyone? And there lies the Business Plan. I have to devote myself to completeing this book. So I bet you think I got up and went right to work on "Business school" WRONG! I took the kids on an adventure instead.

We went to the free movies and saw Charlotte's Web. Then had a lunch with Don at the office. One the way home we stopped off a Crate and Barrel and Build a Bear. I got the kids an inflatable love set that has been so fun. It is currently being used as a Doctors waiting room for all the sick animals. Yesterday it was part of a animal spa! Yep Maddie is growing up to fast!

The day was great. We all needed it! Everyone was to tired and excited to rediscover those bears that they did not need me or the TV one bit!

Wednesday--- Well here again you never know what is going to happen. What thing is going to distract me. I spent the morning tiding up my Etsy store because of the article. Not a bit of "business school"! But I did do all the first half of my morning routine. So there I think I have hit the nail upon the head! I will concentrate on that before 9 routine first and then move over to the rest once I have that down.

Thursday--- Morning routine update! I am trying and that is all I'll say. : ) I am off to the farmers market and to visit my stuff at House of Lukaya. Have a great day.

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