Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Flickr Badge, Cool blogs and Tie one one

Flickr has not learned that NO ONE can find how to make a damn flickr badge. You can search forever and never find this gem of a tool. This includes me every-time I want to update it I can't find the bleeding thing!

So, here is the link for making a flickr badge so the next time I need to update it I can find it with out wasting 3o minutes or more. I can find here on my own little bitty blog! Yeah!

Ok I am back, I just had to share these cool things I just found!!How could I have not known about this cool blog? Apronista! I knew of Deanna from Domestic Chickyfrom the many apron flickr groups. Yeah more apron fun to be had! I can 't wait to read more!

You know how it works you find one great blog and then you learn about other cool ones. This next site, OMG, it is so me! There is also a daily podcast. I am checking that out today if I ever stop and get off this chair and a way from this computer!

Then some how I found this site check out these gingham aprons. They are so like the aprons my grr made and wore! They make me want cookies and to play Yatzee.

1 comment:

Domestic Chicky said...

I love the orange one! So adorable!
Thanks for the bloggy love!