Friday, August 24, 2007

cupcake crazy!

I love these cupcakes! I was looking at Wilson cupcake book at Michael's and figured I could manage these! They are for a little party that the Richmond Craft Mafia is having. I am bummed I can not join them. Tonight (and tomorrow) I have the Expansion Trunk Show. That will be fun too, I love these crafty ladies just as much! I just wish it was not all at the same night. I like a good grown up party!

I finished these up last night. I think they are fun, what-cha think? I like this set better than the mock-up. These have giant cupcakes! I just realized that they need ric-rac. Shot one more thing to do before 3:00. I will list them later in the weekend over at Etsy.

Before I get back to work... I just wanted you all to know that this is the last of this round of cupcake aprons. I am officially out of the polka dot fabric. So get them while you can! They are getting eaten up fast! I think I have 2-3 left in each style!

Happy weekend. And if you are in Richmond come see me at the show!

Friday 6-9 & Saturday 11-5

211 W. 7th Street
RVA, 23224
Southside, Manchester

Right near Legend Brewery!


Suzanne said...

Love the aprons!!!! Polka dots are my absolute favorites!!!!

diana said...

cupcakes yummy! yummy! well you know i love them. the aprns rock!!!