Thursday, August 30, 2007

A is for...

A is for Aidan... my sweet introverted boy. The boy that says he is not an "outside boy". The boy that has almost gotten kicked out of two different art classes and the comments on the depth of this sketch like he has been drawing like this all his life! The boy that most days I can never figure out. The boy that will strike out when frustrated and then tells me that the marbles in his head got to rolling too fast and he couldn't stop them. The boy that comes and sits quietly on my lap at the age of 7. The boy that still kisses me even if I now have to ask.

A is for always...

always creative
always thinking
always loving
always funny
always hungry
always there
always happy
always sad
always manic
always messing

A is for accountant... bah haa haa. I actually found one I just need to go and get it all over with. Well get it all started really.

A is for all kinds of things!

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