Friday, May 18, 2007

The start of a great love!

I really need some sunshine. I have lots of photos to take. I need to photograph these splat mats so I can package them up. I love this pile of splat mats. It is Mexican oilcloth crazy. I love, love, love oilcloth the colors, the smell, the feel.

My love for oilcloth comes from my "GRR". I even know the exact date December 25, 1973. My brother was 5 days old and my mom and he had just arrived home from the hospital. My grandma had taken me to see my new baby brother.

Well on the way home I remember it was snowing like mad and my Grr caused a young woman to rear end her car. The woman was really nasty but the people that lived on the corner of the street where we were stranded for hours were great. While my Grr took care of the car,the police and the really ill-mannered woman I was taken in to their home. I was given treats to eat and I was given my first oilcloth purse. They even told me that Santa knew I was coming to their house and left if just for me! How sweet was that. The bag was so shiny, white and had that oilcloth smell. I wish I could tell her all about this crazy journey I am on, but she has been suffering from Alhimezer for over a decade. Man I miss her!

It was about a year ago that I rediscover oilcloth. I was gearing up to sell my vintage aprons at the Farmers Market. I needed a few more things to sell. I thought long and hard about what I would want to have for the market. " basket?" that lead me to this photo in one of my favorite cookbooks, The Healthy Kithchen...

Now I new I was not taking up the art of basket weaving so I came up with the Market tote. This tote was designed with the market in mind, the height is not too tall and the depth is wide so you can see your goods and so they will not get squashed (and if they do hey it whip clean!)

A lingering icky cough has troubled my hubby, my kiddo's and now me! Coupled with a rainy day I say--- day off! No school, only fun work, and a lot of couch time reading with the kids!

What I really want to do today is this! Lynn told me about this yesterday. I am so upset that I can not find my favorite vintage tea towel. It has the calender from 1968 the year I was born. A trip to The Robin's Nest is in order. I am sure to find something FAB there! If I can not find one there bet I could find a nice repro tea towel at Feathernesters. Shopping and rain don't mix with me today. I wait till tomorrow. Maddie and I can have an afternoon of it. A lovely Mommy date!

So for today it's this pile of scraps that will have my fuzzy attention. I am seeing oilcloth button flowers. Remember those special vintage buttons I have been hording, let's see what I can do with those! I post that later!

This one is better than the first one that I had posted, it was to big and wonky! I like that one a lot!


lynn said...

I love that flower! Wouldn't that be great on the side of a ladies bathing cap? Wouldn't is be neat if ladies still wore bathing caps?

Carol said...

Hi Kelly,
What a great story!
It's so nice to "meet" you although I am in total awe of your sewing skills.
I'm off to poke around your blog for awhile...