Thursday, February 7, 2008

Studio Makeover: the 3M hook!

Oh 3M hooks how I love the let me count the ways!

Now I have to admit that my room does not look like this today. I put all items on the wall one afternoon and then change the entire room around that night. But the picture is great and 3 out of 4 objects on the wall are hanging up with 3M hooks... I know I am a woman possessed! The thread rack is hung up with two of the large heavy duty hooks, I am amazed that they hold the rack but they do!

I can not tell you how great it is to have these in the ironing center. I am so pleased that I thought of this. Finally I can find my tools!

My clipboards are all hung up nicely with the small clear hooks. You can use the hooks over adn over again if you buy the extra pack of stickies.

I used the small hooks to hang up the hoops that hold the most tread bear vintage apron I have ever seen. I just love it so! I actually paid for this apron $3.00 shipped.

The hooks hold mini sharpies on this door and scissors on the other door to my shipping cabinet. IMO 3M really needs to come up with a scissor hook I needed to use two hooks to hang the scissors because they kept swing open.

I love the hooks for school stuff too. I have one holding up our dry erase board and the a row of hooks that hold up a small chalk board. The hooks are more for storage and less for a permeant installation, what I mean is that I can not use the boards while they are on their hooks because they are to wobbly.

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Carol said...

Ahhhh, organization! It makes me so happy.
I just got a chance to watch your TV debut...great job:)