Monday, February 11, 2008

art class Einstein

My two children take art classed from the nicest woman in the world! Here is their last project and here is the article that went along with the class. What a hoot, I never knew what a mess the genius was! In the way home my kids told me later that he needed to be homeschooled since he learned so differently than others. LOL!


RetroRugrats said...

what a cute comment out of the mouth of babes!

my hat is off to anyone who can homeschool, keep a house and run a business at home:) i taught 4th grade for 12 years and i could easily homeschool my kids, but i don't because i'd be bald in a day after ripping out all of my hair:)

Kelly, Modern June said...

Hey no one said I as sane or had all my own hair. Everyday is a challenge but it getting easier every day.

The Monkey and Me said...

and they think Einstein had Asbergers or some type of ASD. To read that bio, you can see that.