Saturday, February 16, 2008

happy bunny

At my grown up Birthday dinner tonight I learned about Happy Bunny, I have to share it with you all because this just can't be in my house but I am happy to know that it exists! I especially love the I hate everything memo magnet. I have been feeling that was lately. Take the Happy Bunny quiz here.


Christi said...

Oh, so I see you made it home okay. That's good. Me, too. My kids are still up, playing madly with the old Thomas train stuff. Why did Duncan get that out at 11:00???!! Anyway, I had a blast tonight - so glad I could come. It was FUN having a grown up dinner party! Maybe for your **50th** Duncan can make it, too.

Kelly, Modern June said...

what was he thinking? it was so much fun!!!! thanks for the puppy! I signed him in yesterday.