Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hannah Montana

If I had any doubt that Maddie was a full fledged tween, I can put that doubt to rest. Enter pop music and the teen stars that come along for the tween ride.

Yesterday was a wash. I was completely exhausted after a week of late sewing, and then an early morning TV appearance, and there was no way I was starting home school at 10:30 am. So, a FUN DAY was declared. Nintendo DS's were played in the morning, lunch was eaten out, and then we went off to the movies. The Hannah Montana 3D Movie is only playing for one week and it is all I have heard about for weeks, "Hannah this, Miley Cirus that."

I have to say I love this age -- I had so much fun myself as a tween. Dreaming of being a pop star in my ultra pink bedroom with my kitty cat bedding. I would remove the finial from my canopy bed and use it as my microphone and sing my heart out. I still might have to do the later when I'm home alone. ; )

It was so much fun sitting in the dark, watching Maddie get so excited when her favorite song came on. She was dancing in her seat the entire time. At the end of the day she came to me and said thanks for taking her to the see the movie. I could tell for a brief moment I was the coolest mom ever!

Miley if you are reading this, promise us the Mommies of the world that you will grow up and be a sweet girl and a responsible woman. Don't go pulling a Brittany.

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Kelly said...

Oh how I wish I could call a FUN DAY instead of going to work, and just stay at home and play my DS :)

-Kelly F