Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sushi Candles

My friend Amy was on WTVR this morning making the cutest beeswax candles, SUSHI! Check out her video and make some soon. Amy George, inspired by the scents and sights of Richmond, has created a line of exclusive fragrances, she is one of our newest craft mafia members. Her company is Modern Atelier, her scents are wonderful.

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lynnie said...

Those Richmond scents sound lovely. When I first read she made Richmond inspired perfumes, I imagined "Old Fan Apartment. A gentle blend of never ending dust, car exhaust and new paint (layered over 70 years of old lead paint and even older wallpaper) combined with just a whif of the previous tenent's cat and that signature cabbagey smell that's hung onto Fan apartment buildings since 1952."