Sunday, February 3, 2008

No Sew Pillows for Valentines Day

Watch for me on TV tomorrow (Monday morning, sometime between 9-10 AM), I will be making "No Sew Pillows for Valentines Day" on Richmond Channel 6 WTVR, on Virginia This Morning

The Show line-up for Monday, February 4th is:

  • Gadgets & Gizmos:
  • No Sew Pillows:
  • Chesterfield Children's Theatre:
  • Amiri Baraka:

The Tools: scissors, ruler, pencil and Heat Bond (No Sew)

Fabric: Use up some of those scraps, or buy a few Fat Quarters.

Pillows: Buy a few simple pillows at any place that sells housewares. Or, better yet, grab one you already have and dress it up. Feeling adventurous and industrious? Make your own from scratch. I suggest using a pillow with a zipper and a pillow form inside. Working flat will be much easier.

Template: Free hand hearts are really fun. You can also print out a coloring page off the internet, or use a stencil from the craft store. Don created concentric hearts for me with Adobe Illustrator. I will post those later.

Step one: Iron your Heat Bond to the wrong side of the fabric and trace out your hearts. For the white pillow I will be using two different size hearts and layering them prior to applying them to the pillow.

Step Two: Using pinking shears or regular scissors cut out your iron on patches.

Step Three: Remove paper backing off the smaller heart and center it up onto the larger heart. A ruler is most helpful with placement.

Step Four: Find your center and mark with pins now use your clear ruler so center the 4 hearts with each of the 4 quarter of the pillow. You can also measure the distance away from the out side edges to ensure your hearts are centered properly.

Step Five: Once you have these sweet hearts in just the right spot, iron as directed on heat bond packaging. Check your iron on patches to insure they are secure. A little extra pressing may be in order. When all are in place simply fill your newly decorated pillow back up with its pillow form and fluff. Now comes the easy part... enjoy!


Carol said...

How cool!

Christi said...

DUDE!!! I saw it, and you rocked! Very well done, and you seemed so calm and collected. My kids were giddy to see you on TV (via the internet).

Suzanne said...

Umm, it was so wonderful! Umm, really it was! ;o) LOL You did fantastic and if you hadn't made the "umm" comment on your blog I wouldn't have noticed it! Good work, lady! You looked GORGEOUS!

Kelly, Modern June said...

You all made my day! thanks sweeties!

The Umm comment was the first thing my two kids said to me when I got home. They said they could tell I was really nervous because of all the umms. they act like they know me really well. Thanks kids! They were complementary after that though. Turkeys!

Penelope Walker said...

Thanks for great instuctions on how to make this no-sew heart pillow. I just linked this post to the MyPunchbowl online invitations blog about Sweetest Day ideas.