Thursday, May 31, 2007

Apron Strings

I have started a new Flickr group called " Apron Strings," I hope you all join in on the crafty fun!

you love them
you wear them
you collect them
you covet them
you treasure them

But how do you Display them?

That's what I want to see at Apron Strings. Posie Gets Cozy has them hanging on the wall in several rooms. I traded aprons for soap with a fellow vendor that had her aprons up as curtains in her kitchen. I saw a table cloth made out of aprons on HGTV the other day...

So get them out of the drawer iron them up and get creative and then grab the camera and show me what you come up with. They are art after all!

My door of aprons is a mix of vintage and ones that I have made. I love this photo. The rooster apron came from my friends Aunt. She gave me three of her great Aunts Aprons. How cool is that? I could not sell them, so I kept one and gifted the others. This one had a little note pinned to it. I love that!

The other one is one that I made with sew mama sew fabric. I need to get those finished and listed soon.

1 comment:

lynn said...

I have my grandma's and great aunt's apron's hanging on M.'s bedroom wall and have been using one of Grandma's from the 40's as a kitchen curtain. I'd have to clean those rooms to get a pic for you though!

Love that sewmamasew fabric apron! Let me know when you list them.