Saturday, February 2, 2008

Take and Make: Crochet project

After the holidays I started to crochet a throw blanket. I worked on it here and there. Literally, I worked in bed, I worked in my favorite chair in the living room and in the car on the way to lunch one day. But what to do with the mess that I left in my wake. Not to mention the impossible task of finding my crochet hook. On top of it all there were those ugly boxes hanging out in my living room for a few weeks. Not OK!

Enter inspiration--- Don has been using my Market Totes (oh my, remind me to list more of these) to hold his projects. From the bills to all the tools he needs to install new wiring for the internet connection. Brilliant. So I stole my Market Tote that had been using for my fabric scraps and turned into a Take & Make Tote!

I then took out all the yarn that I wanted to use for my odds and ends blanket. My goal was to use up all the half gone yarn skeins that I covet, you know a use what you have project. I did not want to buy a bit but I had to I just had to, I was forced! Ok if you call being in Carytown with out kids being forcing then yes I was forced! I bought the great orange and teal yarn at the Yarn Lounge when my brother was in town. Oh I could really do some damage in that store!!!!

Every little thing I need is now for this project is in the tote including my crochet hook, just the one I need not my entire stash of hooks, I also added a pair on kids scissors. I use kid scissors for several reasons, I have tons of them but mostly so I don't have to go looking everywhere for my good snips. If if I can help it I only buy school supplies at 90% off, look for them on sale in early September (another plus to homeschooling!).

Now all I have to do is grab the tote and I am off to where ever it that I wish to take a crochet break! I need a crochet break, I see on the TV listings that there are 4 episodes of Ace of Cakes tonight. If I don't fall asleep during the kids bed time maybe I can make some head way on this throw tonight.


lynnie said...

I've been wanting to make one of those throws, but I've worried I'd just have one more half finished project around the house. I'm a afraid I have a few full projects bag/totes around here!

I love your market totes, btw. Hey! Is it possible for me to buy another Marie's Diner apron for M? Her's was done in by a tragic clothesline accident. She still has her scarf, but the apron is no more. Her birthday is in March, so I thought I'd get her another as a present.

Kelly, Modern June said...

OH Lynn I hear ya! You don't think I will really ever finish this do you? LOL

Thanks for the love on the Market Totes I have plans to make them in a bigger size but I just can't get it together to make them. Too many good ideas and not enough time!

I would love to make M another Diner apron. I am not sure I have the fabric, but I will check soon.

Coming to the I heart craft gathering with me?

you better! I miss ya!