Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Patchwork Oilcloth!

Yes you heard me right patchwork oilcloth! Scottish quilt artist Frieda Oxenham has created the most amazing new tablecloth out of 3 inch pieces of oilcloth. It is an oilcloth quilt I tell you. OMG that must have worn her out, sewing on large pieces of oilcloth is a workout. Here is a shot of me struggling with an XXL tablecloth. I had to move into the dining room and I need Don't help to guide it for me. It gets heavy and pulls if you don't have a buddy helping.

So if you want to make you own quilted tablecloth out of oilcloth let me be your source. I can hook you up with loads of small scraps. Man I wish I hadn't just unloaded all those little "unusable" bits into my local landfill. I could have sent them to Frieda!

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