Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A good day!

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes! You all are so nice! Yesterday was a wonderful family day. It started off so peaceful. I did not jump right out of bed like usual. I sat up and read in bed for a nice long time! I have to remember to do this every now and then even if the rest of the day is going to be a crazy at least it started off nice. It was such a treat.

Don always takes our birthdays off. We never go on vacations so the time off gets well spent through out the year. A series of mini-breaks! Since Don was home I ran off after my shower to Target. I bought old lady face cream and foundation and hair dye to cover the gray hair. I am not afraid of forty but why look forty if you don't have to. While I was there I found a super cute shower curtain that matches my current color scheme. I show photos another day.

The rest of the day we went from shop to shop and restaurant to restaurant. We started out by having lunch at Double T's BBQ in Carytown, then we then ran around town for a bit doing a few errands until we made way to the birthday destination, the Cheesecake Factory. Our problem was that we were all so stuffed with BBQ that we were not ready for the yummy birthday cake of my choice. We enjoyed a few of the shops in the mall before desert. I was on a quest for some kick-ass birthday shoes but no luck! Once we were sure that there we no good shoes to have we enjoyed out decadent cheesecake feast. They brought my gifts for me to open there is was very cute.

Once home and out of the cold rain we all cuddled up to watch a new movie on DVD, the Corpse Bride. All and all a great family day with out Modern June getting her share of too much of me! I did attend to emails but not many! Our weekends are all Modern June for me and Don is a single Dad for most of it. So this was truly a mini-vacation, we really need more of these.

What loot was I given for my birthday? Aidan gave me a nice top that I saw a few weeks ago and Maddie gave me a DVD, Breakfast at Tiffanies. I am excited to have another movie for the studio. Don thought Maddie and I could watch it together he obviously has not seen the movie. Don gave me a couple of movies too, Marie Antoinette and Garden State. The soundtracks for both movies are as great as the movies. I have one more gift that came from a mysterious Etsy seller but it has not arrived yet.


suzanne said...

what a day! i'm so glad that you and the fam spent such a fun day together! such cute peeps!

lynnie said...

Happy Birthday! I was surprised when you told me which birthday this was the other night. You do not look it! Glad you had such a wonderful day!