Monday, February 4, 2008

TV appearance

Here is the link to my TV Debut! It is funny how fast 4-5 minutes goes by. I have to say, now that it is over, I can say... "that was a lot of fun!" What great hosts, producers and crew. Thank you WTVR!

In my 20's I spent half my workdays on the sets of film sets doing wardrobe. Oh how I love being backstage. But, I always wanted a little screen time! Well, to be honest, what I really wanted was my own Movie STAR trailer! LOL

I love the pillows that I made on the show. Maddie has used them to decorate the living room. They look fun with my giant heart over the mantel. The pillow tone down the tacky!

How cozy is this little corner of the couch. I have my TV pillow and my Grr's quilt. Heaven. I miss my Grr so much. I heart you Grr!


Anonymous said...

Great job!! Loved the apron you had on - do you know where I can get one? Wink Wink. The pillow looks wonderful in your room.

Nicole Lee said...

Supa Star Kelly!
Love the pillow. You did a great job.

lynnie said...

That was great! I've been looking for a simple but impressive craft M. can make for her dad and grandma for Valentine's Day and I think this is it!

Domestic Chicky said...

You were fabulous! It's like knowing a celebrity!! ;)

Kelly, Modern June said...

Janet, I do know were to get you a cupcake apron...want one you can have one for you 2007 christmas present! BTW thank for being my fit model the other day. I didn't get the host to wear it but at least you helped to get it done!

Nicole, thank you sweetie! I am no Dawn Anderson or Beth Allums but I try. hopefully we can do again!

Lynn, do it and please post it! I would love that! It is really easy! Your katie jump rope fabric would make a great pillow!

Domestic Chicky, your so funny! Celebrity! LOL I like it even if it is totally not true.

erin taylor designs said...

Kelly, you looked fabulou son wtvr- not sure if I had told you that already...xo, erin