Monday, December 31, 2007

I missed it

How did I? How could I? I missed my 1st blogger-versery. So happy one year and 5 days to me and my blog! I love you June!

Here are some stats just for fun, I say not bad for my first year!

282 posts
7 drafts 6 of which need to be deleted

Since April I have had 13,858 page loads and 10,081 unique visitors! Now if you can make me understand what that means that please do! Even after reading the "Blogging for Dummies" book I still don't get what that means, LOL.

But what I do know for sure is that I love my little blog. I have never kept a journal for more that a week, ever. This is a great way for me to see all the cool things we do around here.

Some of my favorite posts one from each month of the year:

Cure for the common cold!

I love that photo of the cardinal.

Look what I found today!

I need to do these more often!

Blurb and Beautiful new "Diner Apron Collection"

my first write up and my first apron line!

The Craft Mafia's Spring Bada Bing

My first big indie craft show

Harry Potters new pad

This one is also from April, I could not resist!

The start of a great love

Two great subjects my Grr and my oilcloth.

Homeschool pinky swear

oh yeah, I forgot about that promise. Oops!

Angry, Bitter and Tired

July had A LOT of great post but this one really was the best! Hanging with my girls! I true member of the Richmond Craft Mafia and loving it, well most of it!

cupcake crazy & cupcakes galore! & LA Ink

It stated around August and lasted through December, Cupcake craze. I have nothing but scrape left of these fabrics. I have just a few aprons left, all children's sizes. I have to get with it and come up with CUPCAKE COLLECTION V2. ASAP!

shipping and handling

This one rocked! Well the project rocked and still does I love my shipping cabinet. love love love it


You'll aren't going to hold me to this one are you?

All Hallows Eve

That was fun!

A little something new

Best damn apron I ever made! A sell out, I will try hard to get more of this fabric for round two. Check it out I posted 43 times in November. Noblopomo was I

My crazy trees

crazy crazy crazy! crazy trees, crazy life, crazy job, crazy kids, crazy husband, crazy good! It's all crazy good!

Thanks for coming along for the crazy ride! Happy New Year! By the way that is cider that I am drinking there. I, at the age on 39 and 10 months was not able to get a stupid drink tonight cuz I had no ID. Priceless!

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