Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ode to the magazine holder

Oh magazine holder how many ways do I love thee? How many ways do I use thee?

Ok that is too much! But I must tell you what a rock star this little ikea box is! I have so many of them that I had some up in the attic in a trash bag. I knew better than to throw them away.
Currently my favorite podcast is the Let's Talk Organizing podcast a few weeks ago Suzanne told us about the beauty of the magazine holder! I thought I knew how useful they could be but little did I know just how useful.

Beyond holding magazines, some assorted paper and one for stickers last year I used some for the children's weekly work. Here I placed 5 folders that were labeled with each child's name and the day of the week. It was amazed with myself.

Well I have now taken all this new information and made an even better use of these great boxes. Up I went to the attic to get my stash of magazine holders. I am now using them to hold now tons of stuff. I have some that hold different types of paper. One for construction paper, one for lined paper, and one for white paper. I have some that contain different types of folders, notebooks and art supplies.

Suzanne said that you could use them for projects, any old project. And that is what I have done. I have started one for our ongoing science project that we are doing as we study the human body. I have one also for our ongoing study of the James Town settlers.

I am truly ga-ga for any and all organizational tools! I must not be stopped! For more information check this personal office supply outlet.

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Suzanne said...

Knowing that I am not the only crazy magazine holder lover in the world makes me feel so much more sane! Don't you just love the IKEA boxes?! One of my clients even painted hers to match her decor and they look FANTASTIC! If you decide to go "crafty" on me, you must post pictures!!!!