Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yes way! Check out the fabric stash organizer that I found! I would never ever do this but I could not pass sharing it!

Ok so I could use a bit of fabric organization. But come on life it short!

A little chaos is good right?


diana said...

I know what would happen if i tried to fill out that form. I would start folding and measuring... then i would start combining fabric for projects my mind would wonder (la la la) all the ideas of what to do with the fabric i have and what i still needed to buy! ok so now i need to rumage through my stash for some fabric love!! happy organizing!!!

Nicole Lee said...

Those are neat. I made some fabric cards like that about 4 years ago when I started. Lets just say I'm still very far away of having my stash organized. And I have a neat stack of blank fabric cards. :-P

Suzanne said...

All I have to say, as a "professional organizer", honey, your material is way to gorgeous to stash and hide! I would be finding something that would display all of the wonderful color, exude the happiness of the patterns, and give your mind a visual smorgasbord of all the great fabric!

Way to pretty to stash!

Kelly McCants said...

Diana, i would totally do the same thing! and then I would have a mess on the floor while I am at Joanne's or on the web looking at sew mama sew or repro depot.

Kelly McCants said...

Miss Nicole Lee of Nicole Lee design,

I love the name change it is so Calvin Kline and Vera Wang. I have heard about your fabric addiction, what was it that you said a U hauls worth. Man that would be a lot of fabric Cards!

you crafty girl

Kelly McCants said...

Suzanne, I agree completely.

that fabric keeps me going! I could never hid these wonderful prints and color! No way! I do need to move the fabric to another wall the sun has been shining in on it now that the season is changing!

By the way this weekend I was checking out the website and OMG I need a my girl friday! What a splendid idea! Your are so smart!!!!

Silvia said...

Kelly--where do you get your fabrics from? Maybe you answered this somewhere else on your blog, but I'm lazy. :)