Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oilcloth cleaning test

Yassin from Bulgaria wrote me an email the other day with a great question. He needs to remove tomato paste stains off his white oilcloth apron. So off to the test kitchen I went.

First I smeared tomato paste all over some scraps of oilcloth and let it sit while we eat breakfast.

After I whipped the dried tomato off I then sprayed each oilcloth scrap with a cleaner. I let them soak for a bit.

Here are the cleaners that I used. Once I whipped the cleaners off almost all the stains got worse. Not cool.

All but these two cleaners. They both did a good job to remove the stain. I worry about the Tilex for several reasons, for one, will it break the fabric down?

I like this one best. The De-Solv-it is great an Organic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable product. Its main ingredient is essential citrus oils. The problem is that once you use it you are left with a very oily surface. All you need to do is use a simple hand soap to clean off the oily residue. I would avoid the spraying the oil onto the bias tape trim on the aprons. If you do get oil on the trim I bet Dawn Dish washing soap will help get it out.

Remember stains need soaking and scrubbing. Our hands do the best work most the time!

I took the De-solv-it scrap out into the intense sun here is the out come.


kimmy said...

hmmm, what he just let it dry and flaked the tomato paste off?

lynn said...

Lee got paint off his leather jacket using just rubbing alcohol. I've read it can get other stains off too. Maybe it will work on oilcloth too.

Ashtree said...

Hi, Kelly
I tried several stain removers , available here in Europe: Vanish, Astonish, etc. Stains got less remarkable but still stay. Anyway, I don't pay attention,l they are too small to worry about. These two removers are unavailable in our area.
And one more time- the aprons are wonderful ! Thank you!
Best regards