Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my new crafty stuff!

Here are my new toys from the craft swap!

I love me some buttons!

What pretty colors and sweet prints! this is the only fabric that I bought home.
Thank goodness!

The leather punch was almost a grand as the tin of buttons! Some day I would love to get back to working with leather. I spent a lot of my costuming days tailoring mens clothing. In the mid-90's it was very trendy to turn a Shakespearean drama or a serious opera in to a leather-Fest. I did a lot of leather craft those days. There was a show at St. Louis Opera that had about 12 pairs of leather Jeans in it. And there was a show st The Shakespeare Theatre that had a lot of long leather tail coats in a show.

I am thinking cute spring messenger bags with these funky 70's colored clasps!
I am in love!

I love the old labels!


Sharon said...

Ooooo, great loot! I especially like those funky 70's colored clasps.

Kelly McCants said...

they made me giddy! I only took a few of them at first. Then needing all of them and I ran around looking for them. A lady had them in her hands looking through them, oh man I was bummed. She only took the metal ones and left me the funky ones!


Courtney said...

I could use a cute spring messanger bag with a 70s clasp you industrious gal.