Friday, September 21, 2007

So much fabric so little time!

FYI if you are not on the email list you should be because their sale page is rocking! RP was my first insight into really cool fabric. OMG everything I always wanted it fabric was right there at my finger tips.

At Renegade they had two booths worth of FAB Fabric chaos. They lined up about 6, six foot tables and there was just piles and piles of fabric stacked upon them. I could have spent a fortune. Here are a few of the wonderful things I got at that show!

You know me I love a good Jello mold! Oh yeah, that did not work out did it?

My post on fabric organization cards was a popular topic! I think this is a good idea wouldn't this be fun to rotate your favorite fabric and give you some awesome inspiration? I have yet to do this but it is on the inspiration wall so it can never be forgotten! Some day, Some day!

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Anonymous said...

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