Thursday, July 19, 2007

what inspires me?

Here is what is on my clippings wall!
I would love to see yours too.
So post your clippings
So leave me a comment
and I will check it out!
Inspire me!

I will do this idea some day!

This gave me the idea to make table cloths! It's so damn pretty!

I am so jealous

She is so cute! I would love to show my aprons like this on my new website that I have in the works!

These to make soap with there own herbs that they grow. Love that! There we many other great photos of them and their kids. What a life!
Some day I would like to carry kitschy books like the cake books in my booth and on my site.

I love this necklace. Last winter I was going to make jewlery Ha ha that never happened. I also love the colors in this bedding. I have a store that I would love to make aprons for and I think this color palette would be lovely in her shop.

I love this...buttons on a skirts waistband! Someday I want to do that on an apron! Pin boards HA! I laugh at the idea! I like tape on paint! I am not afraid! I made a set of these dance costumes when I was pregnant with Maddie. Cool to see them again! I understand that these are not mine but remakes of them. Spandex only lasts so long! esp on dancers!

This is my new wall above my new desk. I am putting peoples promos up there.
The clip boards are to do lists, show info sheets and an ongoing shopping list. I need one more for my order sheet. I have started printing out any and all esty sales reciepts to help keep up!

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rockergirrl said...

oh you inspire me so. If only I could get my workspace that organized.