Monday, September 24, 2007

The word of the week is Unsubscribe!

This is the best damn word I can think of! After getting 79 emails every 12 hours or so I started unsubscribing to loads of things. I started out with my extra-ordinarily long list of yahoo groups. Sorry but no more La Leache League (I was a leader when the kids were young and I stayed on the list for sentimental reasons) or Find-a-craft fair emails for me! Surprisingly there were 8 total. I can not even tell you what they all were. That is really sad.

Last night I started opting out of my many news letters. Bye, bye Real Simple but it is time to simplify. CB2 I no money buy your stuff, so farewell to you and your modern goodness! So long Dr. Phil I only think of you every Saturday when I delete your weekly line up email. I mean I have not watched your show in 2 years, sorry man.

What was I thinking? I have no time or energy to even hit the delete button let alone read or participate it this world of communication.

Oh how delightful it is to unsubscribe. You really should try it it is wondrous! I should keep a count of the number of things I just don't need in my in box but that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it. Man, Fly Lady would be so proud of me! Which by the way I switched her to daily digest!

Better Homes and Gardens and my dear Martha I am with you both till the bitter end! So don't worry, I will not delete you! Yes, I am a housewife and I am proud of it!

Seeking bliss daily,


shauna said...

You couldn't get off the Martha Stewart Flowers email list if you tried. And believe me, I have.

I've been doing the same sort of cancellation dance with paper catalogs, calling companies every day as they come in. Too much paper waste.

Kelly McCants said...

that is a drag! Cb2 sent me an email telling me that they respected my need to de-clutter my inbox. Wow that was really nice!

I had a major fit over paper waste this week end too! It is awful, I agree!

I am doing my best to get rid of all junk mail the minute that I bring the mail in the door. the teetering pile of mail makes me crazy!

virtual and real clutter is too much!

diana said...

i can easily de-clutter my cyber space but how come my sewing space never stays de-clittered????

diana said...

opps!! typo!!!! de-cuttered!! lol!!!

Donna said...

I just did the same thing, intially I had thought oh emails! It will be fun getting all those emails! And then after too many times of getting excited that I migh have an order, I slowly started unsubscribing.

Now my inbox is really lonely ahaha.

The Hen said...

I actually have a question relating to your etsy shop . . .I have a new pine table and my kids are destroying it. I was thinking of an oilcloth tablecloth. Is that something you could do custom? Do you have a range of oilcloth available? Please let me know if you can help me with this. Thanks, Caitlin Giles

Kelly McCants said...

I hear you loud and clear about the kiddo's destroying tables. I have table number two since have children, the last one was an Ikea scratch-dent table. One would have thought I could not get any worse but it can.

Oilcloth and kids are a good mix! I would love to make you a custom table cloth. You can reach me via email at!

Thank you so much, Kelly