Monday, September 17, 2007

d is for...

Date night with Husband!

So when I made my giant wall calendar for what I HAVE to do every week in order to get done everything I added Date Night. Date night is Friday night. No computers, no modern june, no miscellaneous crafting, and preferably no kids! Well we had our kids and we all had fun!

First off dinner for "Two". I made the kids pizza early so that we could eat alone while the kids went off to play. No luck with being alone, Maddie was there reading to us, entertainment?

Our Dinner was yummy, I doctored up a frozen pizza. Its is so easy to make them really tasty toss on some fresh ingredients and you are set.

Watching Quick Fix Meals with
Robin Miller on the Food Network has finally payed off, I was thinking ahead and made extra turkey bacon that morning just for the pizza.

So I wanted to run off to the bed room with my honey, NO not for THAT for a movie! But instead we had a family game night! That was a blast. Everyone got into their jammies and played a game or two or three.

Don has supplied our home with some of the best board games around, I wonder if it was all that "Dungeons and Dragons" in high school. He is a gamer through and through. I love my Geek, I will teach Maddie that Geeks are the best men to Marry because they won't be off playing golf all day and then drinking in some bar every night with their Buddies. Nope former geek turned Dad will be at home on a Friday night to teach his little girl to play chess.

Now that is a great date!

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