Tuesday, September 11, 2007

pretty colors, lovely photos

Hi...school and work have me very busy. I am so tired. I really don't have much to share. So here are a few photos that I love!

Janet's side garden. I get to see this out my window everyday! Nice, right?

Labor day veggies!

New years Eve bowling balls.

Dusting of snow one the Fairies. Today she is covered with cobwebs. Poor girl.

Someone else's Daf's. A reminder to plant some! I did promise myself. Man fall is busy time of year! Gotta go teach the littles!

Have a pretty day!


shauna said...

I'm drooling over your Labor Day veggies. Hmm, maybe for supper...

Kelly McCants said...

Ya know they were so wonderful! And we made so many that I eat them for days and days in different dishes. I must do again soon!

thanks for commenting

Anonymous said...

Wish I had your wonderful view of my garden.