Friday, December 14, 2007


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I get loads of wisdom from my wee ones.


"Your studio was better arranged the old way." said Aidan in the car one day. He was so right, I rearranged the room the next day.

And "You should just go down and sew because the faster you get to work the faster you will be done." said Maddie when I was sick earlier this week

But the best one so far was last night when all I wanted was to go to bed instead of cutting out my remaining cherrylicious apron orders....

"You know what you should do Mommy? You should design a totally new apron, ( I LOL) no really with new fabric and a new shape. You should do that now."

Oh my! that cracked me up. And the funny thing is he was right again, that was exactly what I do to keep it fresh. When I have a hard time getting something completed I often need to make some thing totally out of the blue instead of finishing the order. This way I can actually go back and do the order really well, I am all refreshed and back to my crafty goodness. It is like my version of writers block I guess. Well I did not take his advise this time but I am taking Maddies! Cherry aprons are on the way!

FYI I am making an extra diner apron so if you want one for Christmas tell that man of yours to go and grab it quick!

Order Up!

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