Friday, December 7, 2007


In my studio this morning.

Hi all, I only have time to share a few photos with you all! Modern June is going great guns. I never ever could have imagined so much support. I will stop accepting orders on December 14th and things are going fast. I am close to a sell out. So if you want any thing I suggest to buy now.

Remember come see me at my shows if you can. Tonight at the Richmond Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday and then tomorrow at Christmas on MacArthur.

You know they are always this sweet with one another, ALWAYS! LOL

We had a bit of snow this week and I mean a bitty bit but that made the kids day.
I say more snow!!!

Maddie took this one. I love her photos.
This winter she will take her first photography class, she is so excited.

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