Saturday, February 24, 2007

Look what I found today!

Look what I found today while looking for an Esty Widget. So far, I can't get the widget to upload, but I fdid find a really, really cool blog entry at Dark Roasted Blend: The Glamour of Flight. This is one of the many photos depicting the golden age of stewardesses! They are all just too fantastic!

I have spent ALL day on the computer. I have been sending out invoices, writing my pattern review, and uploading a ton of photos onto flickr. I still need to "list like mad" on my Etsy site. It takes so much time to catch up! I really need to schedule all of this throughout the week, but I really don't schedule well. I wish I was more like my Sister-in-Law. She is just so organized. She even has an alarm wristwatch to remind herself when to do certian things -- I don't even own a watch! I'm too darn artsy for my own good.

I did escape to Target today though. I had fun, and got a two cute tops! I needed something other than the "v neck t-shirt uniform" that I seem so fond of. I also fulfilled my birthday wish list: I bought a lime green tape dispenser and a tape gun ~ oh and razors. Yahoo!, it is great to be so easily satisfied! I really am just simple girl under all the glamor... I think I need to go to bed.

When I got home I stole some time to watch Greatest Fashion Icons in Film on TLC. It's almost as good as Oscars pre-shows. And, it's on again in March so check it out. It's my kind of TV. Have fun at the Oscars, ya'll!

Oh, one more thing. Look at what else I found today: This is a great News piece on Etsy -- check it out and spread it around.


Kelly McCants said...

did you all know that over at Etsy you can RSS feed your comments on your own pictures. I had no idea. they really know there stuff...I'm tickled pink.

rockergirrl said...

Thank you so much for sending me the link to the Etsy news blurb. Glad to hear you are feeling better. You have been busy indeed. The new stuff looks great! I am going to ask for something of yours for my birthday in May. I can't wait!

Oh and here is a link to my favorite children's poetry book ever. I bought a copy for my boys this year. I was given a copy and I have even have my mother's edition of the same book. It is amazing.

rockergirrl said...

oops here is the link
A Child's Garden of Verses