Monday, December 10, 2007

I am day six!

Check it out!!! I am indie delights holiday gift guides pick for day six! Megan of Disquieting Designs and The Pittsburgh Craft Mafia has put together an incredible indie gift guide for your holiday shopping. ooh la la what fun, I love what they said about my shop name "may or may not actually be named Shop of Awesomeness". Man how sweet it that!

They featured my Green Cupcake Apron. I am glad that she picked that one, I have sold out of several aprons completely. I mean "no more fabric" kind of sold out. I am currently sewing a lot of the orders as they come in. STRESS, but I love it. I am NOT complaining. I could not have wished for better business it is beyond my wildest dreams.

So for Christmas I could really use any of the following products from the dear sweet Disquieting Design collection of Bath and Beauty products! All are on my holiday wish list! Oh I love the girl!

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Vicki Riley said...

I think we are in the same boat. Love this time of year and the build up, it is great for business. I do look forward to 2008 so that I can start it all over again.