Tuesday, December 18, 2007

3 neat things and some life stuff

1. Angry Chicken has a very cool freebie, very cool gift tags for you to download and print out. too fun! By the way I have an extra Bend the Rules Sewing if any one would like to have it let me know. I ended up with two somehow. What a great book! I want to make the gnome hat some day.

2. Handmade 2.0, The New York Times Magazine has a great article about our crafty lives, our crafty buy handmade movement. The buy handmade challenge list is at 10406. That is so great! Have you taken the challenge?

3. For those of you that are pattern makers I recently found these size charts over at About.com (i end up there a lot). They have made life much easier in the last day or two. I have needed to make several of my apron patterns in plus sizes. I can't tell you how these charts made it so much easier.

Yes I am still working a way, Sunday was not the last day of mad sewing and Monday was not filled with loving family time. I am getting there. Those last 7 items needed new patterns and none of it was cut out. That slows a girl down.

Yesterday I sent out 15 packages. WOW! that is incredible! I just can't believe my good fortune. You all rock! Three aprons left! I am off to sew. And then decorate that tree, it came on Friday and I just sitting there needing love!

By the way my grandmother is being kept comfortable and is in the loving hands of her family and great care. She is truly blessed! I always said that I had to merry a man just has wonderful as my grandfather. He has been nothing but loving and kind.


Vicki Riley said...

I would love the extra book. Just let me know what you need for postage etc.
Love your site and would love to link with you if you are interested.

Dawn Anderson said...

dang it! This is what I get for varying from my regular blog reading! oh well, Vicki beat me to the book fair and square :)

Roswell Card Lady said...

Is that Freudian? I love it - "mErry a man"- what a fun concept - mArry a man who will help make your life mErry. You may be on to a new trend here!!