Monday, December 10, 2007

whirlwind weekend!

Man what a weekend! Two shows, interview for TV and very weak attempt at Christmas decorating. And now I am sick with a cold.

The show on Friday was really lovely! I wish that I had some photos but I have not one. I was too stressed out. (I am hoping to swipe someone's photo and post them up soon) Here is one now! Crystal J. Silk! Please go check out here awesome loot! I want a robot mouse pad and silk scarf.

Virginia Currents was on hand filming the Richmond Craft Mafia. And no I was not able to meet May-Lily Lee. (I have been asked that several times already). Maybe someday!!! But those that were there were really great people, so kind and helpful. Sharon the producer is even one of my customers. She bought a vintage apron form me last year at the 17th street market. How cool is that?

Well it was my turn to be interviewed and do a little sewing for the camera. What could possibly go wrong right? The DAMN sewing machine refused to even turn on! Yes the sewing machine that has been seen by the bernina store 3 times. The one that they say there is nothing wrong with. OH but there is and I have it on film! I sure hope they edit a lot of that non-sense. But it ended up being a lot of fun. I like to talk, a lot. We shall see how silly I look and act in January.

The Handmade Holiday was so beautiful and we had quite a crowd. A steady stream of wonderful peeps! Thank you all for coming. I was so glad to finally do a show at the Yoga Studio 4025 Yoga. I just felt that it would be a great setting.

Then the next morning I was up and running again! I was silly enough to offer my services to coordinate the vendors for our neighborhood street fair, Christmas on MacArthur. It sounded like a great idea in October! I had no earthly idea that Modern June would be doing so well and I would be so busy.

We had great time. The weather held out. And occasionally the sun warmed us up! I love this show because I get to see all my wonder friends in the hood! It is like a party. It is a party. There was Santa, toys for tots, Hunky Marines, Richmond's finest policeman and firefighters, sexy bagpipers, and band rocking the Samis Grotto. And 28 local crafters.

Yesterday I thought that I could take off and decorate for the holiday. I love this act more than any other homey chore. I like my house at christmas so much, but I had the hardest time. I was so unproductive. I went out looking for my dream tree, Home Depot had this wonderful Aluminum tensile tree. I finally went out for it and of course it was GONE. I then went teary eyed to the next Home Depot out in BFE oops I mean Short Pump! no luck. Again teary eyed I go to Target and just stand there staring at the white pre lit tree. Yes, teary eyed. why I am I teary eyed cuz I am due a serious stress relieving cry, and this is the object of my letting it flow. I finally did Eeny, meeny, miny, moe to decide to stick with the tree at home that I hate or to buy the white tree that I don't really love. The white tree was "and you are not it." I know that is silly but I was really tired and unknowingly on the verge of a massive cold.

So I got home and while talking to Jill, my neighbor, Don came out to get our new tree and when he did not find it waiting in the van he lovingly found it online for 50% off and with free shipping! So my dream tree is on the way! Yahoo!

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What's the date of the Virginia Currents show you'll be on??